10 January 2008

FREE ebook from Jonathan Leger!!!


If you don't know who he is, it only means one thing -- you're not on the internet to earn money via Google Adsense! Hehe! Jonathan Leger is an internet marketing expert and he just released a FREE ebook entitled "Search Engine Myths Exposed!" After the Google PageRank storm last year, I was scratching my head why my PR3 and PR2 sites all dropped to PR0. Experts says its because of the paid links in my blog and Google is penalizing me. I felt that "Google knows all and sees all" =( But Jonathan (in his ebook) refuted this and other Google myths (yeah, I know there are other search engines aside from Google but do they really matter?? lol). I had a blast reading his ebook and I learned a lot. If you want to make money off Google Adsense (by building content-rich blogs and niche sites), you should read "Search Engine Myths Exposed!" =) As I said it's FREE and you can download it HERE (signup needed). This is FRESH guys! Released just 3 days ago! =)

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