19 July 2008

post-birthday blogpost


So, I just turned 27 years old last July 18 -- no big earthquakes as "predicted" by that Brazilian "seer" (was he Brazilian? I forgot!), just more news of increasing gas prices. Blech! Anyway, to all those who greeted me via Friendster, email, text and phone call -- THANKS! You made my day guys! ^_^ So what did I do during my birthday? I still reviewed for my August board exam in the morning, watched The Dark Knight (must-see movie!!) with Labsie during the afternoon, and had dinner with the family in El Torro that night.

El Torro is a Spanish restaurant in Habana Compound, Rizal St., Davao City run by the owner of De Bonte Koe (a European resto next to it). I was longing for a Paella that day so where else could I go?? =) The service in El Torro was impeccable, the food tastes authentic, and I had the most fun time -- the servers sang Happy Birthday to me and presented my dessert with sparklers and a lighted birthday candle! I can't even remember the last time I blew a candle! ^_^ Yup, the 27th celebration of my natal day was certainly memorable!

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