11 August 2008

legal med sucks!!! so does anatomy!

I had a lengthy post about my first weekend of the medical board exam but the stupid "draft autosave" feature of Blogger somehow erased my 4 paragraphs of angst!! ARGGGGGHHHHHH!!! In a nutshell: Anatomy was the hardest followed by a 3-way tie between Legal Med (easiest for those who got a samplex where 90% of the board exam questions were taken, wahhh), Biochemistry and Pathology. Physiology was alright and Microbiology was the easiest. Over-all, I had a hard time with the first 6 subjects and I can't assess if I'll pass the boards or not. Naa na kay Lord tanan!!! ^_^ Next up are 6 more subjects this weekend. I'm praying I'll have an easier time since we'll be tested on clinical subjects which I dearly love (except for Pharmacology and Surgery - EENT). So guys, prayers pa ha! We really, really need it! Muchas gracias!


Christina Applegate has breast cancer.

August worldwide events!

HammeRuler yet again! LOL
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