18 August 2008

2 more days and the verdict will be out!

Had another rough weekend in the board exams. Surgery was as hard as anatomy -- full of how-to-manage-this questions and a sprinkling of anatomy questions as well. Sigh! Pharma was hard but surprisingly, when I checked my answers (to the questions I remembered), they turned out right ^_^ IM was okay, again, full of management questions. Felt like I was taking a residency exam or something, LOL! OB was okay too but there were tough questions that I REALLY didn't know the answers to. I resorted to the usual bentot2 just to have an answer, hahaha! My parents will kill me if they'll read this :p

Pedia was tough (as expected), had a headache during and after the exam. There were lots of questions from the basic subjects which were non-Pedia. Duhh! There were almost no questions on developmental. Most were on viral and immune diseases =( Preventive Med was okay.. I don't know if there was a samplex from where same questions were found like last year. Over-all, my second weekend was easier than last weekend. Now, only the verdict remains. Owing to the holiday today, our board exam results may be out Wednesday night (11pm) or Thursday in major newspapers. Prayers, as usual, are needed. Hehe! Thanks guys! ^_^

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