30 January 2009

a healthier us in 2009! =)

Labsie and I are both health conscious. He has been noticing his increase in abdominal girth and the development of double (triple) chins the past year. Of course I have been noticing my rounder figure too, ughh!! So what to do? Diet and exercise of course! And so far, we have been good *angelic grin* Here’s what we’re up to:

1. BIG breakast everyday to keep the hungry pangs away throughout the day. I usually cook meat viands and eggs during breakfast.

2. SMALL dinner — 1 cup rice for Labsie and half cup for me. Non-meat viands like fish, other seafood and veggies.

3. Eating HEALTHY foods. We have brown rice which have more fiber than white rice, and we have plenty of fruits — which we’re trying very hard to eat at least once a day.

4. EXERCISE!! Labsie does abdominal crunches every morning and walking about a kilometer if his morning sked allows. Me? I’m still dreaming of getting state-of-the-art treadmills, hehe!

5. Drinking WATER instead of softdrinks. No problem with me while Labsie is still weaning away from Coke. He can get Diet Coke though..
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