02 February 2009

Pittsburgh Steelers win Superbowl XLIII -- what an amazing game!!

I've been never a fan of Amercian football. I only watch when there's a big game or there's nothing good on other channels. This morning, my reasons for watching Superbowl XLIII were both. And I'm sooo glad to have watched it LIVE! Superbowl XLIII was amazing, heart-pounding and just plain harrowing at the end!!! Whew! Nothing like a good adrenaline rush to inspire me to blog (the game just finished about 5 minutes ago), hehe! =)

A bit of background: Pittsburgh Steelers (5-time Superbowl champion) were playing against Arizona Cardinals (the underdog; first time to play the Superbowl) and they lead 20-7 until the fourth quarter. Around the third quarter, I got bored and channel surfed. I mean the last time the Steelers lost a game in which they lead 11-points or more was in 1988. I felt they had Superbowl XLIII in the bag, making it their 6th championship and making them the winningest NFL franchise ever.

Around 1045am, I stumbled on Solar Sports again and I was shocked with the scores -- Steelers was still at 20 while the Cardinals were at 23!! What happened in the fourth quarter?? What made the Cardinals go berserk and score 16 points in the last quarter?? Golly, I was HOOKED!! LOL! Maybe, just maybe, the Cardinals will spoil the Steelers' plan to be written in history this year. And so I watched..

At 2 minutes left in the game, the 20-23 score did not change. The Pittsburgh Steelers had the ball and made a play for a touchdown. However, the receiver wasn't able to catch the ball. At one minute (feel free to correct me with the exact times, hehe), the Steelers made another play and despite 3 players guarding Santonio Holmes (the game's MVP and that's him below, handsome huh??), he received the ball and made the touchdown!! That was the most amazing play I've ever seen!! Go search in YouTube for this video -- this will surely go down sports history =)

So now the Pittsburgh Steelers are leading 27-23 with 35 seconds left. After the Arizona Cardinals' dramatic comeback early fourth quarter, I wouldn't put it past them to score a touchdown and win Superbowl XLIII. However, that was not to be. The Steelers put up a very tight defense and the last 30 seconds was like a tug and war for the football possession. It was still very thrilling however -- will the Cardinals score or not?? At 5 seconds, the Steelers got the possession and that was it -- Pittsburgh Steelers win Superbowl XLIII!!
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