20 January 2009

Labsie's 2009 wishlist

Since I put up my wishlist more than a week ago, the husband thought I should put up his wishlist too. LOL! And so here it is! I hope I got it all Labsie — I cut the uber-expensive stuff though. Sorry, hehe! Oh yeah, he says there should be a different list for our JOINT BOOK wishlist so stay tuned for that =)

1. a telescope!!

2. 16gb USB drive

3. a good ole leather belt

4. sneakers or skater shoes

5. 500gb external hard drive (just like my wish! His and Hers, hehe)

6. steel eyeglassses frame or a year’s supply of contact lenses (grade: 100)

7. Dragonlance books — we already have 90 books in our collection and we’re missing a few in our must-have sets. Check out our book wishlist next time! =)
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