19 March 2009

support my friend's perfume business! =)

Penavi is one of my high school barkada (Filipino word for circle of friends) and since last year, she has been selling perfumes, colognes and authentic Pearl White capsules with her girlfriend. They started selling online (they have a new perfume blog at workNplay.weebly.com) and hawking to friends. In fact, I was one of her perfume customers -- I bought 2 Bath & Body Works colognes for my personal consumption and 1 Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey perfume for my mother =) Another barkada of ours bought the capsules with excellent results. Right Jinx? Hehe!

Recently learned from my hubby that Penavi has a perfume/clothing store in Damosa's Market Basket here in Davao City. WOW! I think she's the first one in our barkada that had her very own shop. Awesome Pens!! ^_^ I love scents, I truly do.. But it takes a lot of time for me to finish one bottle. And in as much as I'd like to buy perfume every month and support my friend, I can't. I'm not that rich! LOL! So guys, if you're in Davao City and wants to buy imported perfumes and colognes at cheaper prices than malls, go visit Penavi's perfume site or their store in Damosa. Thanks a lot! =)

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