18 May 2009

8 THINGS ^_^

It's being a long while since I did a tag -- but who am I to refuse sweet baby Sam? I can't.. coz she's sooo adorable! Manag-mana sa mommy! Hehe! ^_^ Anyway, here are my answers:

8 things I'm looking forward to:
- watching Angels & Demons in cinema tom!
- the coming weekend! can't wait to relax with hubby.. =)
- arrival of my parents this Friday = lotsa food gifts! yum, hehe!
- my youngest brother's college graduation next week, finally!!
- hubby arriving from work everyday ^_^
- getting the "Celebrity Chef" label in Hell's Kitchen - Facebook game, hehe
- our first wedding anniversary in 5 months! w00t!
- our Macau/Shenzen/HK family trip on October ^_^

8 things I did yesterday:
- slept in til 11am, blame the rainy cold weather! hehe
- watched the action-packed "Fast & Furious"
- watched the hilarious "The Promotion"
- watched the last 2 mind-blowing episodes of Heroes season 3
- lazed around the whole day with hubby =)
- cooked chicken oatmeal patties for dinner
- played Restaurant City and Farm Town on Facebook
- became "Cook" in Hell's Kitchen game on Facebook, hehe

8 things I wish I could do:
- read people's minds ;-)
- win the multimillion lottery! hehe!
- clean our house really, really, really well like my Mom
- finally decide on what medical residency to enter *sigh*
- speak Japanese, French and other languages
- DRIVE without fear!!
- read the Braille and learn sign language
- tour Europe with hubby and family!! ^_^

8 shows I watch:
- Damages
- Top Design
- Top Chef
- How I Met Your Mother
- Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN)
- American Dad
- Family Guy
- all CSI-esque shows (CSI, Criminal Minds, Bones, Numbers)
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