10 May 2009

Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar

It's also known as CLSS and last Friday, together with my husband, we attended the 3-day event. Friday was our 7th wedding monthsary and I thought it was great that we're doing something important to celebrate it rather than just eating out as per the usual when we celebrate anniversaries =) Anyway, for 3 days we stayed in St. Francis Xavier Major Seminary (REMASE), Catalunan Grande, Davao City. The area was fab! Lots of trees, very cool, very quiet. Perfect for a faith renewal activity =)

The Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar we attended was organized by the Oasis of Love - Davao, a charismatic community where my parents have been members for several years. My mother has invited me to attend the seminar for quite some time but I always had something going on — 24 hour duties, reviewing for the medical board, stuff.. But finally, I was free. And Labsie (my husband) was in as well! Talk about “all in God’s time..”

CLSS is all about renewing your faith, healing your spirit (very helpful if you have lots of family and relationship issues) and receiving the Holy Spirit. I can't say much about it as the organizers asked us to keep the details secret so the next participants' experience won't be spoiled. Suffice to say, it was an awesome experience and the food in REMASE was home-cooked great! ^_^ I can’t believe I had 6 meals per day the entire time we were there! LOL! Anyway, if you're interested to join CLSS, there'll be another one next summer. Contact Oasis of Love for details.

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