12 June 2009

addicted to CSI-esque shows! =)

And when I say “CSI-esque” shows, it means shows that solve crimes and mind-boggling cases. That includes the show that started it all: “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and its two other spin-offs, “CSI: NY” and “CSI: Las Vegas”. Aside from these, I’m also into “Bones”, “Numbers”, and “Criminal Minds”. The last one is freakin’ awesome! Just tonight I watched as a serial killer in coma came out of it and was tried for the murders he can't remember. The Criminal Minds team, a group of FBI profilers, jumpstarted his memories and at the end -- despite knowing he'll have a life sentence, the serial killer turned himself in. He did that to prove that even if he killed before, he's a different man now. Really sad.. =(

Anyway, these past few days, my husband and I were talking about investing our wedding money gift. Most of it are in time deposit but I feel it would earn more if we do currency and stocks trading. Unfortunately, we're not really educated on those matters. Thank god there are investing management companies like InvestmentForge around. Their primary aim is to make as much earn money for our clients and ourselves as possible. Now, doesn't that sound good? Hehe!

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