09 June 2009

our foodie weekend!

We had a very stressful Friday as I wrote HERE. The next two days weren't much different. We were traveling to and fro, rushing here and there. The good thing was Labsie and I were stuffed with food the whole two days of Saturday and Sunday! LOL! June 6 (Sat) was my brother's birthday and my hubby's grandpa's birthday too. Since my bro resides far, far away from us, we just contented ourselves with greeting him on phone and the web. As for Daddy Bert (the grandpa), we went to Panabo (Labsie's hometown) for a lunch feast. My hubby had a graveyard shift the night before so badly need sleep but still off we went! At Panabo, we had super-fresh grilled panga, fried lumpia and the requisite noodles for long life. Then Labsie went to sleep and we went home by 7pm, another 2 hour ride.

Sunday we were just catching our breath in our home when Labsie's dad called around lunch saying we will eat at Cafe Marco buffet in Marco Polo Hotel. Yeah, the only 5-star hotel in Davao! Tired as we were, we couldn't say no to this gastronomic opportunity. Hehe! Off we went to downtown and stuffed our selves with gourmet food. I tell you, I can barely walk after. I was too full!! I was even making gagging sounds, LOL! :p My father in law then announced that there's a dinner feast with his relatives later that night. Of course we were required to attend. We then went home, slept for 3 hours and went to the party. As expected, Labsie and I ate sparingly. We were still full from the buffet! LOL! Yup, it's definitely"what a weekend!" for us ;-)


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