06 June 2009

how much have YOU changed in 2 yrs?

Snag this one if you like! =) I first answered this in 2007 (so I wrote about 2005) HERE. Now I'm gonna write about 2007. Gawd, that was a lifetime ago! -_-


How old were you?
* 26 (turning 27)

Where did you go to school?
* graduated from medical school the year before! =)

Where did you live?
* once every three days i go home in Catalunan Pequeno. The other two days, I live in Brokenshire Hospital for my medical internship

Where did you hang out?
* doctors’ quarters in the hospital, catching some ZzzZs

How was your hair style?
* short hair gelled into place, hehe

Did you wear glasses?
* yes (been wearing once since grade school)

Who was your regular person crush?
* hhmmm.. can't remember!

How many tattoos did you have?
* nada

How many piercings did you have?
* one on each ear

What car did you drive?
* I practiced driving using a Kia car

What was your worst fear?
* not finishing internship, I was sooo tired and dispirited with the medical biz =(

You been arrested?
* never!

Had your heart broken?
* when a patient dies.. =(

Had braces?
* nope (done with it in college!)

* taken for the past 8 years


How old are you?
* 27 (will be 28 on July 18!)

Where do you go to school?
* at home, learning to be a housewife! heehee!

Where do you live?
* 100% in our home, finally! =)

Where do you hang out?
* PC room of our house

Do you wear glasses?
* yup, no change in grade, thank god!

What is your hairstyle?
* shoulder length hair, badly need a haircut

Still talk to any of your old friends?
* yup, through Facebook and text =)

Who is your current interest?
* my hubby! heehee! yes, I got married last Oct 2008

How many tattoos?
* still nothing

How’s driving?
* My dad says I drive fine but I'm really scared driving on the road -_-

What is your biggest fear?
* not being able to earn online as I do now

Has your heart been broken?
* nope..

* happily married! =)


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