03 June 2009

Pink Ribbon Gumballs

Yep, for Breast Cancer Awareness! ^_^ The official month for it is October, still 5 months away. But why wait til October when you can spread the awareness whole year round through Pink Ribbon Gumballs? Yeah, I'm so into food that I'll support any worthy endeavor (like search for a Breast Cancer cure) if it involves food, LOL! ;-) And the gumball above is available in real life! If you wanna support Breast Cancer Research and earn on the side, you can do well selling these yummy gumballs. Nice huh?

1 comment:

gumball said...

Consider people places for the pinkribbongumball machines, pizza,barbeque,dance studios,YMCA's,YWCA's,larger spas, tanning salons and community centers.

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