30 September 2009

my weird cravings

One awesome thing when you're pregnant is that you get to have food cravings that you have to have at that moment. Not buts or ifs from the husband or partner -- he has to get the craved food asap or else all hell will break lose! ;-) I had my share of food cravings during the first two months of my pregnancy, the time when I was still blissfully unaware that I was eating for two. I craved for sour green mango with salty shrimp paste, sour oranges and apples dipped in plain salt, cheesy junkfood and steamed seafood. Sounds pretty usual for pregnancy cravings right? Well, my weird cravings are actualy non-food stuff!

Would you believe that during my first trimester (I'm in the second tri now, woohoo!) I craved to watch car shows? Thank god our cable had Discovery Turbo! My cravings were satisfied. Of course, I also looked online for sexy cars and devilish big bikes, and stumbled upon national cycle's website. My saliva just drooled from viewing their stocks of Cruisers, Harleys, Sport Bikes, and Goldwings. They also have over 30,000 motorcycle parts and accessories to fully customize your bike. Mine will be heavenly pink and a girly big bike :p Hubby says my weird craving for cars and bikes might indicate that we'll be having a baby boy. If that's the case, we should buy a big bike for him now! ;-)

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