07 October 2009

baby-proof your home!

It will be six months before we’ll have a baby in our house and another 6 months before s/he will be actively wandering but it’s never too early to start baby-proofing our home! As per the usual, I searched online for tips about this and these are the easy to implement baby-proofing techniques that I found over at WebMD:

- Bedding: Put baby on his back to sleep; avoid soft bedding that might suffocate him. Crib slats should be 2-3/8 inches apart or less so head can’t get trapped.

- Floors: USE carpets to prevent slipping. Also check floors constantly for small objects that a baby might swallow like buttons and coins.

- Furniture: Cushion hard edges and sharp corners. If possible, move sharp-edged pieces away from high traffic areas. Anchor down unsteady pieces of furniture, such as bookcases.

- Bathroom: Never leave your child unattended in a bathtub or bath ring. Install no-slip strips on the bottom of the tub. Install lid locks on all toilets and keep the lid closed to prevent drowning and to keep the lid from slamming on your baby’s head or hands.

- Food: Avoid heating baby bottles in microwave ovens. The liquid heats unevenly, leaving pockets of milk potentially hot enough to scald your baby’s mouth.
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