18 October 2009

Maternity & Baby Stuff Wishlist

Smart idea, sensational results: Take the concept of a pillow, stretch it to an elongated curve, contour it to provide the right kind of support where it is needed, and make it flexible so the user can shape it as necessary. Voila! This pillow does the work of 5 and is great for back and stomach support during pregnancy.

Designed by a registered nurse to follow the natural shape of your whole body
Horseshoe-shaped head section allows you to obtain comfortable upper body position and height
Extra-long midsection is perfect width for complete back or tummy support
The slightly curved end tucks snugly between knees as it conforms to body's shape, keeping you cool and comfortable
Allows you to shift from side to side as recommended by obstetricians
Cradles your body for recommended side sleeping
Helps keep your hips and spine in a neutral position
Promotes better circulation by lifting and cushioning areas you choose
Relieves strain on stomach, back, shoulders, neck, hips and legs while sleeping
After your delivery, it's a perfect support pillow for you and baby while breast-feeding; Also a great support for infants sitting up
100% polyester fiberfill covered with 100% cotton flannel in a plaid pattern

Gabriel Feeding Pad Break-Away
The Gabriel Feeding Pad Break-Away is a 3-in-1 product for nursing, burping or bottle-feeding! The Nursing Veil has finger loopholes to hold veil in place while minimizing infant distractions in public feeding situations, and end flaps that lift for mom-to-baby eye contact. The pad flips over to burp baby on soft fabric or to allow baby to rest comfortably on lap or shoulder. The bottle-feeding feature holds a 2-9 oz. bottle of milk and frees one hand while feeding baby upright.

Nursing Veil (the large denim cloth on left side, second pic) Features:
Lift end flaps for mom-to-baby eye contact
Small opening to view baby while nursing
Lightweight fabric for maximum coverage and air circulation
Pocket for nursing pads, toy or teething ring
Minimizes infant distractions while feeding
Finger loopholes keep veil from shifting and sliding

Burping Pad Features:
Soft padded back (white cloth on above right, second pic) for burping or resting
Protective barrier to prevent fluid penetration
Bottle-feeding (birth to 6 months)
Free one hand while feeding baby
Holds a 2-9 oz. bottle (bottle not included)
Pocket for bottle cap
Holds pacifier or teething ring
Contoured neck for comfortable fit
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