20 March 2012

Happy 2nd Bday Iya!

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Two years ago today, at 9.47pm, I gave birth to our firstborn. Labsie and I were not ready to become parents but our baby girl charmed us totally that we promised to only give her the best. Even if it meant sacrificing some of our personal needs. Yes, the adage is true- having kids WILL change your life ;-)

To our beloved Iya Elycia, now a loving big sister, our warmest birthday wishes! Mommy and Daddy may scold you sometimes but it is for your own good. We only want that you grow up to be a beautiful person, inside and out :-) Mommy and Daddy love you so much Iya! You are one of the most precious gifts that the Lord gave us.. Happy second birthday to you!Ü
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