19 November 2008

definitely NOT ready to become a parent!

56%?? Passing grade in my books is 75%, base zero! I’m definitely way off here – and this just confirms what I repeatedly told my parents, brothers, relatives, friends and those well-meaning people who say “O, make babies asap ha!” – I am definitely NOT ready to become a parent. I wonder how Labsie will fare in this quiz, most probably not better than me. We might be married but that does NOT mean we are ready to have kids.
You Are 56% Ready to Be a Parent
You are mostly ready to be a parent, though you could be better prepared.
If you had a kid tomorrow, things might be difficult at first - but you could pull through.

You don't have to be an ideal parent, but if your life was in better order, it would help.
Make yourself a plan of how you'll raise and pay for a kid. You'll feel better if you have all your ducks in a row.

If you're already a parent, you're probably doing a good job.
Even if things aren't perfect, you're making the best of it.
Of course, we talked about having kids -- while I really don't want kids (for the next 5-10 years, or NEVER at all), Labsie is fine if we'll get pregnant by next year. If we have kids, he's fine with it. If we won't, he's okay with that too. If we'll adopt, he's fine as long as the adopted is from within our relatives. There goes my hope of us becoming Davao's Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie with rainbow family. Hahaha!
Kidding aside, I am too selfish to have a baby right now. I love my freedom too much, I love spending time just doing nothing, I love my lithe body, I love not having to worry about a hapless newborn, etc, etc. Maybe three years of medical school plus two years of cyclic every-3-days 24hrs duty made me selfish of my time and what I do with it. Back then, I didn’t even have time to eat and sleep every 3 days :-(
Plus I saw everything that could go wrong in pregnancy, delivery and raising babies. I can't take that right now (and maybe never). Mama says I lack faith that God will make everything okay -- I say I have faith but knowing too much about Obstetrics and Pedia makes me go crazy. Ignorance is definitely bliss in my case! Yup, if it weren’t for my medical education, my parents would have grandkids already..
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