07 July 2011

Birthday Challenge Day 6 & 7


I can't think of any song that makes me cry these days. However, when I was in my teens (hormones!!), I often shed a tear or two when I hear romantic ballads. Hehe! Love songs about waiting for love, being in love, breaking up, etc, etc always leaves me in tears. I most especially like 95.5 WRock's Sunday program when they play classic and popular love songs.. Sigh, I miss those simple days when all I did was listen to music while reading a book :)


Only one crush?? Can it be crushes?? Hehe! But then this post will never be finished as I have TONS of crushes! ;-) Anyhoo, my fave right now is BRANDON ROUTH, he of Superman Returns fame ^__^ But I love him more in the TV show Chuck (as Agent Daniel Shaw in season 3) and movie Dylan Dog -- both of which he has scenes where he was topless and wet!! Waahh!! I was literally drooling with Labsie giving me the evil eye, LOL! Below is a Brandon Routh wallpaper (click to enlarge) for you to ogle, hehe! ;-) If you want more pictures of this super handsome guy, you can go to his unofficial Facebook page HERE and official FB page HERE. Oh right, you can follow him on Twitter too. For Brandon's topless photos, click HERE. Don't blame me if you'll get addicted to him! Hahaha!
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